A Quick Poem About Parenting

It seems most of our days have been this way, this year. Thankfully, there’s only a week left of school.

Woke up late

Hair’s a mess

Spilled my coffee

Trying not to stress

Shuffle the kids

Out the door

A routine we’ve done

A hundred times before

They are tired and moody

As am I

Which of us

Will be the first to cry

It can’t be me

Have to stay strong

Set a good example

To break down is wrong

Thanks for reading.

With love,


Gift of Love

I was walking down the windy path

With my head hung low

When something stopped me

In my tracks

That wasn’t there before

In front of me stood

A magnificent tree

Long sturdy branches

But not a single leaf

This beautiful bit of nature

Not another looked the same

Something so comfortable

It seemed to call my name

I had been feeling so down

So lost and alone

Perhaps I’d sit beneath this tree

Before heading home

Not feeling much like speaking

To anyone before

From my heart to my lips

The words did then pour

I asked if He could hear me

And then began to cry

Suddenly something glistened

Catching the attention of my eye

As I peered upward

Beautiful green

I did see

Was my prayer heard

Represented by this leaf

Fascinated and filled with hope

In disbelief walked away

I would return again

To rest my soul and pray

Every time I spoke my heart

For only Him to hear

On those heart shaped branches

A lovely new leaf would appear

This was a gift of love

When I needed it the most

His presence He did make

In nature’s lovely host

Thank you for reading.

With love,


Wanting to Hold You

I wanted so badly
To hold you tight
Not knowing when
You would see the light
But your body has become
Oh so frail
Your bones are weak
And the muscles, they fail
So thin and fragile, is your skin
I wish I could make you
Healthy again
I see the frustration
In your eyes
It breaks my heart
Every time you cry
I’m dreading the day
I get the call
That says you are now
Watching over us all
So badly I wanted
To hold you tight
Not knowing when
You would see the light
Not wanting to hurt
Your delicate frame
I kissed your forehead
And drove away
Your scent lingered
As I began to pray
God, when it’s time
For you to take her home
Let her be not afraid
Without pain and not alone

Thank you for reading.

With love,




By J♡

Scars are beautiful

Offering a glimpse of who we are

What we’ve been through

How we’ve come so far

Some will stay until the end

Others fade as a new chapter begins

How we acquire our beautiful marks

May not be beautiful at the start

But as for me and my scars

I wish for them to stay just as they are

They tell a story of who I am

Battles I faced and where I’ve been

They remind me of what I now know

And the dark places I wish not to go

Thanks for reading.

Image: Pixabay

With love,




By J♡

She felt as though

She was falling apart

As the thunder rumbled

The tempo slowed

Within her heart

Clouds pulled together

Her worries drifted apart

As the sky darkened

Her eyes lit up

Her spirit came alive

When lightning struck

As rain poured down

Her tears stopped flowing

During the storm

Her spirit was glowing

Thank you for reading.

Image credit: Pixabay

With love,


Have You Seen my Brain?

I think my brain may have gone on vacation and left me behind.

I have been putting leftovers that should be refrigerated into the pantry. I have gotten out of my car to go in the store, forgetting to turn off the the engine and take my keys. I search for things that are right in front of me. I completely space names that I know.

Then there’s forgetting the answer to a question in thirty seconds.Here’s a cheesy little something I wrote a while back, to demonstrate:

I’m going to the kitchen
Would you like something to drink Yes please, lemonade
Make it pink
Ok, here’s your sandwich
Do you want it in half
Wait what sandwich
I only wanted a drink
Darn I’ve already put the knife in the sink
What did you say you wanted for snack
And would you like milk
Or juice with that
No thank you mommy
I only wanted a drink
Only lemonade please
Make it pink

Should you happen to spot my brain roaming around, doing some sightseeing or something, kindly ask it to return home please. I could really use it’s company. Thanks in advance!

With love,


The Box

The Box

By J♡

I’m so overwhelmed

Not sure how much

More I can take

Our presence is expected

So another day I must fake

Take the depression

Shove it into a box

Along side anxiety and pain

Make sure it stays locked

Until I’m once again

Behind closed doors

Unpacking my box

While tears hit the floor

Carrying around this heavy box

Once opened again

It holds twice the amount

Of what I put in

And carried around

That’s the burden

Of turning my frown

Upside down

Thanks for reading.

With love,


I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

By: J♡

I remember the day

You first saw the marks

All self inflicted

On my legs and arms

You seemed almost angry

I would do such a thing

You didn’t know how

I could be in such pain

You questioned

And I tried to explain

But words couldn’t describe

What was inside my brain

And inside my heart

And inside my soul

I only knew that

I didn’t feel whole

You didn’t understand

When I said

This gives me control

You seemed almost angry

I would do such a thing

I didn’t understand then

I was also causing you pain

I wasn’t a parent yet

So I couldn’t comprehend

That when your child is hurting

There are some wounds

You just can’t mend

You seemed so angry

And so I lashed out

I said things that shouldn’t

Have ever left my mouth

It was my inner demon

That I was angry with

Not you

I’m so sorry for

The things that I said

I never meant to hurt you

While fighting the monster

Inside my head

Thank you for reading.

With love,


Keeping Peace

I’ll bite my tongue

I will not speak

Peace between us

I wish to keep

Your words pierce

Maybe well intentioned

But you don’t understand

And I don’t like confrontation

I’ll bury your words

In the back of my mind

I know they’ll resurface

From time to time

As for my words

Inside my cheek

I’ll swallow them down

This makes me weak

The syllables sharp

As they go down

They’re tearing me up

No stopping them now

The acid dissolves

My every word

I’ll smile at you

But I won’t be heard

Thank you for reading,


A Poem About Depression

*Possible trigger warning* This something I wrote a while back on a not so good day.

The Cycle

This viscous cycle, it goes ’round and ’round

You can feel real high, then come crashing down

When you hit the bottom, you feel empty inside

Or you’re filled with emotions, but all you can do is cry

If you could, you’d run away from yourself

You’re dying inside, but can’t scream for help

You feel alone, though you’re surrounded

People look and they listen, completely dumbfounded

Others don’t understand what it is you’re going through

Then again, how could they, ’cause neither do you

You have to keep moving, better glue on that smile

Tell people you’re fine and hope you can lie for a while

You fake it long enough, that it starts to feel real

You’re flying high again, until the next ordeal

Sending hugs to those who need it – J♡