Please,tell me how you are doing.

Hello, dear friends. I will try to do a post tomorrow on how my appointment with the movement disorder specialist went.

Tonight though, I just wanted to check in with everyone. Covid-19 is affecting so many people in so many ways. Our little family is trying to stay in as much as possible. While the seriousness of this virus is scary, the other thing I worry about is people losing their sense of humanity. You have people who are hoarding essential items or harming others over the essentials. I pray that this virus does not harden hearts.

So, my question to you is this:

Where are you? More importantly, how are you doing (physically, mentally, emotionally)?

On a lighter note, here are some things I found on Facebook that I found amusing in regards to the toilet paper shortage.

I keep joking about sewing tp squares in pretty patterns and super soft material. I DO plan on trying to sew masks this weekend and then donate them to assisted living facilities that are in short supply.

Please take care, friends. Praying for all of you and your loved ones.

With love,


12 thoughts on “Please,tell me how you are doing.

  1. Thank you for asking. We’re observing the regulations imposed here in France. We’re fine and boredom hasn’t yet set in. We ‘re looking on this as an opportunity to do some of the things we don’t usually have time to do.

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    1. Sheree, that is a very positive way of looking at things! I saw a very good point mentioned somewhere, that perhaps when all of this is over, little things like a handshake, a hug, a trip to the store, etc. will mean so much more. I’m glad you are doing well! Stay safe. 💜

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  2. Hi. In the UK most of the country are observing the call to stay at home and avoid non essential travel call. While the dimbat minority are flocking to the beaches and beauty spots in the nice weather. When I say nice it’s sunny but freezing. Our car hasn’t been switched on in 10 days. The dog gets a walk across the farmers field once a day and that’s been it. We are fine. You look after yourself. Really hope you’ve had some progress. xx

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    1. I’m glad you two are staying in where it is safe. How is the kiddo handling the change? I imagine on some level, the break in routine must be a blessing, not having to worry about the stress of his school? Oh yes, I’ve heard stories of people still boarding cruises and such. I suppose they wanted the virus at a discounted price, grrr. Hope you get some warmer temps soon. AZ can’t seem to make up it’s mind about which season we’re in, ha! Thank you; I’ve gone through quite a few tests so far and have another on Tuesday. I’m feeling confident that answers are not too far away.

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  3. All good here so far. working for the NHS right now is like running a marathon every day!
    Our family have been in discussions to make sure everyone has what they need financially, emotionally etc during coming months.

    I have received so much encouragement from family and friends.

    I have kept myself away from people recently. I stopped using public transport three weeks ago and stopped going to cafes or even using the canteen at work. I take a flask and water bottle to work and my sandwiches.

    Work is a fifteen minutes walk away – thank goodness!
    I get to see spring flowers on the way and I sing to myself to give my heart a lift because I know how tough the day will be. Our patients are thanking us for our hard work with biscuits and chocolates – I keep telling them the best way to thank us is with smiles…butt if they have any spare toilet rolls they could gift us that would be awesome!

    It’s stressful times for many but I keep reminding them that the sacrifices they are making are beautiful. They are showing respect and appreciation fir the precious gift of life. That will be remembered. To all those who are showing unselfish love and respect for life I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that you have a wonderful support system and that your family is looking out for one another! I imagine your days must be chaotic for sure! Thank you for taking care of others!! I’m glad you are taking all the precautions that you can to stay safe, and I love your positivity in all of this! You are absolutely right about the respect and appreciation for the gift of life. I’ve seen it mentioned, that when all of this is over, maybe we will not take for granted the simple things in life. Please continue to look after yourself and your family! ❤


  4. Hi from England! I’m doing ok but going to run out of toilet paper soon at home! I dread going shopping so trying to do with what’s at home… My family is in social distancing but I’m still at work – I’m a carer so working extra to help cover sicknesses… Hope you’re all well, keeping safe. & hoping this is over sooner than expecting… Look after yourself! ❤

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    1. Glad you are doing well! Oh no; time to put all creativity to work! It is crazy how quickly the shelves empty, even with limitations on the number people can purchase. My husband’s last trip to the store, he wore a mask and gloves, trying to take every precaution. God bless you for putting yourself at risk to help those who need you. Please be so safe and take care of yourself. 💜

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  5. Hello! Here in Brazil, we’re on lock down for two weeks (until early April) and then things will be looked at again. Our president is pushing for people to go back to working outside the home then, while every organ related to health is pushing back. And people are either not taking this seriously enough or losing their minds. We’ll see what happens!

    Stay safe!

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    1. Hi Jay; good to hear from you!! That sounds very hopeful on the president’s part. I just hope that things don’t resume before it’s really safe to do so. Better safe than sorry, right? Take care of yourself, Dear! 💜

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      1. Hello, dear! Sadly, it’s more that he cares much more about the economy than people’s lives. Back when he was still being tested, he went outside shaking people’s hands and all that. I hope states push back and don’t lift the quarantine until it’s safe! Take care too, honey! ❤


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