A Message for You

Hello, everyone! Just in case no one has told you today…

I just wanted you to know.

Reminder: God loves us, even when we find it difficult to love ourselves. He will not abandon us. Pray and keep hanging on. Whatever it is you are going through, He is with you. You are going to be okay.

With love,


12 thoughts on “A Message for You

      1. 🙁
        I hope it does. I feel so bad that he’s not getting the help he deserves from the school.
        Honestly, the back pain is so intense this morning, it feels like I never had any of my surgeries. I’ll get through it though.

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      2. Thank you.💛 To be fair, they did tell me the back pain would never fully go away. It has helped, just some days my body hates me. I hope you two are having a nice weekend.

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