Fighting, With Help

I try my hardest to smile for you

You know me so well, that you see right through

Beyond the laughter and words I speak

You uncover the secrets I try to keep

I was afraid my demons, would scare you away

You reassured me that, you are here to stay

You told me that, you’ll love me forever

And through all the storms, we’d walk together

I know with your help, I’ll be alright

So one more day, I’ll continue to fight

Thanks for reading. You are not alone…keep fighting. Sending a big hug to whoever needs one. 💌

With love,


11 thoughts on “Fighting, With Help

  1. This is too spiritually connecting. Your entire poem was on my mind as God was speaking to me. I was laying on my side waiting for my meds to kick in. It’s almost verbatim. I even thought of writing the poem but laughed it off because I really don’t do poems. 🤗

    Our spirits were in unison. That’s what it’s called when God speaks the same thing to 2 or more people.

    J, I truly hope that device is helping otherwise, get it out. I’m very concerned. Just my opinion as I’m getting the feeling that it’s not working.

    Godspeed 😁🙏🙏🙏🙏💕

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    1. Wow Emma, that’s amazing! I just love “God things”, don’t you?!
      Thank you; the device is actually working well for its intended purpose, but some new-ish issues have come up since surgery that are leaving me feeling the way I have been. I’ll address these soon.
      I hope you’re doing okay. Xo

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