Getting Turned On

Oh yes, it happened…my Spinal Cord Stimulator was turned on today! It may take a couple days to really start feeling pain relief.

Oh, something I forgot to mention in my previous post…yes, the battery can be seen and felt through the skin. I don’t mind though.

This is how the rep turned on the device and paired it to my controller. It’s a giant magnet. Cool, right?!

This is my controller. That’s right, all mine and no one else’s ( I’m looking at you, Hubby).😜

The device cycles on for 30 seconds, and then off for 6 minutes. The program may need to be adjusted, but time will tell as I continue to heal.

With love,


14 thoughts on “Getting Turned On

    1. I believe it would. I would definitely research it and reach out to your doctor. I think for migraines, the implant would have to go through the neck. (Not a doctor though…don’t trust my babble).


      1. We sold our home in 5 days! We moved, currently staying at our family lake home. We close on the 5th. It was real tough on my health, mentally and physically but I am recovering! We will buy our RV soon, Jo! I’m so glad we did this, now that we are through it. You have gone through such an ordeal, with an outcome that will absolutely benefit you! We both have exciting but hard changes we are working through, eh? Maybe we will catch a break soon! Take care you! Thanks for checking in with me. Always so kind, Jo! (I’m so very excited for you, and this will take time for you to learn how it suits your body best… you are in my thoughts!)💜

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      2. Kim, that’s amazing, congratulations! I hope the recovery from that was speedy. Such exciting changes; I wish you guys the very best with it all! Yes, a break would be so very welcomed.

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