Now Taking Appointments (Procedure Day)

Do you have fuzzy television reception? Are your radio stations not coming in crystal clear? Book now! Just place J♡ next to your electronic device and receive the reception you deserve! All for the low, low price of “just kidding”!

Today was procedure day and although it was not mentioned, I am curious if the wire leads in my back will improve reception and/or WiFi signal. To the best of my knowledge, the procedure went smoothly. I had the IV placed in my hand and was sent back to the waiting room until the device rep arrived. Once he did, I was brought back in to discuss what type of pain relief we were looking to achieve and what to expect over the next week. I’m not allowed to shower; only sponge bathe the essentials. It’s 111 degrees here…I really didn’t think this through. The rep told me that once the leads were placed, they would wake me up a bit so he could ask if the signals were reaching where they were needed. He told me I probably wouldn’t remember that part. He was right.

In the procedure room, they had me climb up on the table and onto my belly. They said because I’m tiny, they had to pile pillows for me lie on. Two people squishing down these pillows so I could climb up…I found this rather amusing. I was told when the medication would go into my IV to relax me. I was worried they might stick me before I fell asleep, so I kept tapping my fingers to the music so they would know I was still awake. I felt more medicine run through my veins and felt very warm. Next thing I know, I’m climbing off the table and into a wheelchair. It felt like everything only took a few seconds, but I guess the procedure actually took about 30 minutes. The device rep talked to me once again and gave me the controller for my device. They gave me a juice pouch, removed my IV, and sent me on my merry way.

The last couple of days, my left leg had been in so much pain I could not get comfortable. I’m happy to report that it does feel much better already. My back on the other hand, hurts something awful. I was told I would be sore for the first few days probably. The device rep will check in with me by phone several times this week. Those will be the only times I should use my controller if necessary.

The lumpy looking spot on the left is the external battery.
Ooooh my very own controller.

Well I’m a bit tuckered out and a nap sounds pretty good right now. I will try my best to update with how things are going day to day. Thanks for all the love and support!

With love,


23 thoughts on “Now Taking Appointments (Procedure Day)

    1. Oh no! Or maybe I’m the one that messed it up, in which case, I’m sorry. Tee hee 😆
      Thank you, me too! Seeing an improvement already I think, other than procedure pain.

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  1. I’m grinning from elbow to elbow! That was a good read. I want sure what I was gonna be reading from the photo and something about appointments. The preview photo kind of looked like some ladies ripped abs. Turns out it was an acquaintance’s back. So, I need my eyes checked. Glad to see they didn’t remove your sense of humor. Get some rest stinker.

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    1. Glad I could make you grin! Your eyes are fine…those are definitely ripped abs. Yeah, let’s go with that. Oh yes, sense of humor still fully intact, along with my ability to be a total smarta$$ 😆.
      I hope you are doing well and staying safe out there.

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      1. I’m doing well, except Sat. Someone found me. I sent Bobby after him. Bobby came back and the cops didn’t come so yeah good for now.
        Peg – black bear momma
        bobby – male black bear cub

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      2. Glad to hear that. Well, now I have to add “get bears” to my to do list. Sounds like a much better security system than what I have. Love that you named them. Any particular reason for those name choices?

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      3. bobby was easy which made peg easy. Bobby is like bobby from king of the hill cartoon, ditsy, chubby and not so coordinated. Peg is his mom like in the cartoon.

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    1. You’re welcome! 😜 Nah, no charge…you guys fall under the friends and family plan.
      Thank you! Aside from the pain of the procedure, I think I’m feeling an improvement already. Could be a placebo affect, but time will tell.


  2. Oh, wow, I’m so behind on everything! How are you? Are you healing well? Sending good thoughts your way! Also, I’m pretty sure the drugs they give you before a procedure have time-warping abilities, because when I had mine, I was sure they were about to start and they had finished it already! Maybe THAT’S how you time-travel! 🙂

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    1. Sorry it took so long to respond and thanks for all the positive vibes! I’m doing okay, thank you. The trial went very well and I’m healed up from it. Without it, I am back to my high level of pain, but I will be seeing the surgeon soon to discuss the permanent implant. Ya know, I never thought about the meds that way…I think you’re on to something with the time travel theory!☺
      How are you?! Still enjoying the new apartment? Hope you’re doing well.💖

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      1. Hey, no problem at all, I’m super behind on everything! You’re welcome, and I’m glad you’re doing well and I’m hoping everything will go smoothly and you can get the permanent implant set! Ha, I guess I’ll have to conduct further studies on the relationship between time travel and pills.

        I’m doing great, thanks! Still enjoying it and critter-free for now! Hope you’re having a great weekend! ❤

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      2. Thank you! Gosh, I seem to go through phases where I’m really on top of things, and then I just let everything slide. Hence the reason for the delayed response…again, sorry.
        So glad you are doing well and enjoying the new place! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


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