Today was Better

I still don’t feel quite right, but I will take what I can get. Thankfully, no headache or panic attacks today. It was a nice relaxing day, hanging out with the kids. My son made a game, where he left little notes around the house with objectives on them. I then had to find said notes and follow instructions. In the end, he jumped from behind the door and scared me. It was fun. If you hadn’t already guessed, he’s big into gaming.

My daughter made a lantern in class before the school year ended. Today, she taught me how to make them. We’re almost done, but here’s a peek at what they look like. She gave me designs to use and made sure that I practiced them before using them on the paper lantern.

I like painting and like many 8 year olds, my daughter enjoys putting paint all over her hands. So we also made this.

I’m going to hang it in the bathroom for the little kids that come over and tend to forget to wash.

Lastly, some time in my happy place. A new bag. All it needs now, is a little paint, jewels, buttons, or all three if I’m feeling a bit wild.

Oh yes, one more thing…I just want to say that I appreciate you all so much! Maybe it’s my pain pill talking. Maybe I’m just a sappy gal. Either way, I hope you all know that you have made such a positive change in my life. Your support means so much. So many of you feel more like family. You all are in my prayers every day.

With love,


8 thoughts on “Today was Better

    1. Thanks, Kim! I hope I spend enough quality time with them. Sadly, I’ve lost my imagination and patience needed for playing things like barbies and such. Board games, cards, crafts or the game my son made up, is more my speed. Hopefully the handprint pic will be a gentle reminder for our younger guests. I thought I hated germs, but you should hear my kids…”did you wash?” “With soap?” “For 20 seconds?!” Beware the hand washing police.

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    1. Thank you! Haha…tropical. I think it was a cooler, maybe about 104 day here. I know I don’t play with the kids as often as they would like, so I hope that moments like these are memories that they will hang on to and feel happy when they look back on their childhood.


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