Some Time in my Happy Place

In between adult responsibilities and naps, I’ve found some time to sew the last couple of days. It’s my place to relax, think, pray, and just get lost for a bit.

My mom will often find some great project ideas and share them with me. Here’s the latest: book cover tote. I don’t have a pattern to work with, but I think I’m getting the measurements where I want them.

I hope you all find time this week, to do what makes you happy.

With love,


14 thoughts on “Some Time in my Happy Place

    1. Thank you!! They should! I’ve been trying them out with paperback books and they seem to work well. I only learned how to sew on a button a couple years ago lol. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube tutorials to learn how to sew things. This is one thing I can thank Fibro and back pain for…not being able to work has given me the chance to discover my love for sewing and lots of time to practice. 💜💜💜

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      1. Oh! Yes… I watched some tutorials. I can actually follow a pattern but I found I do not enjoy it. So, I gave my sewing machine back to my mother-in-law and learned a few crafts and journal things… I do thank my fibro for letting me explore new ways to be creative, well ‘thank’ is a bit much… haha. Cool about the cover, I need to try one on a soft side that I have and don’t want to tear up. I’ve been sliding it in and out of it’s jacket and the front is getting all scratched up! It’s a very pretty Bible! So I need to do something different and I think you just gave me an answer! Thank you!!!

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      2. I like using pattern measurements, but those paper patterns that you have to cut….frustrate me, ha. Yes, your journals; I still want to try that! You’re right…maybe ‘thank’ is too strong of a word. If you send me the measurements of your bible, I’ll make you one! ☺

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      3. Oh no, Jo… you have too much going on. I appreciate the offer, thank you. I have a sister that sews, I’ll get a cover made. You, my dear, have a surgery and recovery to concentrate on! I want you to be all in!!! This is going to change your life! For the better! I believe it! All your energy needs to be on getting the implant and recovery! I am so excited for you, scared about ANY kind of surgery for you, and hopeful you will finally get some relief. I am anxiously awaiting any news you share. Keep posting, even little updates. Ease your mind and mine! Ha! I’m nervous for you but in a good way! Thanks, Jo. You are in my prayers!💜💜💜👍

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      4. Thank you so much Kim, that means so much to me!!💜💜💜I’m glad you have a sister who can make one for you. You’ll have to show me a picture once it’s done!

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    1. Thanks, Terri!! I’ve watched a lot of YouTube tutorials to learn different sewing projects, and have taken what I learned to apply to this project. A lot of it is trial and error too, ha! I have a bin full of half projects I’ve messed up. The flower book cover probably turned out the best as far as measurements go. 💜

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