Some Happy News for Me

I haven’t been very good with my posts this week; I’m sorry. It is partially because I’ve been busy. If I’m being honest…it was partially because I was pouting.

Tuesday was the day I was supposed to receive a phone call with an update about insurance approval and scheduling of the spinal cord stimulator trial. I waited, but no call. I don’t like to be a pest, so I decided I would wait until Wednesday and call them in the afternoon. Then I decided, no, I’ll wait until Thursday; that’ll be one week from the last conversation with the coordinator.

Well, I waited with my phone all day yesterday, like a teenage girl waiting for her crush to call on the landline. Nothing. I waited until about 10 this morning and gave a call. Answering machine…damnit. I left my voice message and true to my nature, apologized for pestering her. She called me back about an hour later, and guess what?! Insurance gave the approval and I am now scheduled!!! I will have the procedure done on the 25th and then have the leads removed on July 2nd. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this! I have confidence that this is going to work, and that I’ll be able to get the permanent implant after, and life will be better.

There is a downfall to my good news though. It just so happens to be scheduled during the week we were supposed to go on vacation. The kids will still be able to go with their grandparents. I told my husband he should go and have a great time. He declined and is choosing to stay here with me. How sweet is that? I’m beyond blessed to have his love and support, even though I know this procedure terrifies him.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have something in your day that makes you smile. Take care.

With love,


19 thoughts on “Some Happy News for Me

  1. i kinda did the telephone tango today… it took me two posts. Congratulations! I have some more good news for you. The place you were going to go will still be there after the 2nd. But wait, there is more. Since you get unplugged on the 2nd, you can go wireless for the 4th!

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    1. Thank you! Sorry you had to phone tango…I bet the real tango is more fun, although I haven’t actually tried. I will have to jump over and read your posts for the details.
      You are right, those are both bits of great news! I do so enjoy your sense of humor. ☺ Thank you.

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      1. Jo, honestly I do not know about this kind of surgery. I don’t even know anyone who has had it done… I will be waiting anxiously for you to let us know how it goes as soon as you are able. There are many options finally for those of us who suffer a chronic condition. Take your shot, lady! Give it your all and do this thing! I’ll be cheering so loud for you… you’ll hear me!😊💜🎉

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      1. That means the world to me; thank you. I believe God places people in our lives for a reason and it is a blessing to have your company on this journey.


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