My Life, This Thursday

I feel accomplished today, but oh so drained and my body absolutely hates me. Today was one of those days where I pushed to do more than I can handle. I tidied up the house, vacuumed, mopped, took out the trash, showered, did some laundry, and most importantly kept the kids alive. I know that for many people, those tasks are no big deal, completing them multiple times a week and then some, but that’s not my world anymore. I feel like I have just worked a forty hour week. I don’t say this for sympathy or a pat on the back; I say it as a reminder to myself that I am doing the best I can and that is good enough. I often find myself feeling guilty that I don’t accomplish more daily, or compare myself to other people who tackle so much more in life. I’m trying to break this habit since it only hurts my mental and physical well being.

I found out today, that my primary insurance has approved the spinal cord stimulation trial, and now we’re just waiting for approval from our secondary insurance. The woman who handles all of this at the pain clinic, said she would get an update and get back to me by Tuesday, as she will be out of the office until then. I said to her, “sorry, I don’t mean to be a pain in the butt, I’m just anxious for pain relief”. She responded with “no, you’re fine, I completely understand”. What a sweetheart! The healthcare world needs more people like her.

My kids are amazing. I feel guilty so often that I am not the mother I would like to be, for them. They are so understanding and helpful when they know I am hurting really bad or am exhausted. They don’t mind when I need a nap and often times insist that I take one. I don’t even think they realize how much this means to me, though I try to tell them often.

I got bit by so many mosquitos today, that I am convinced there must have been on sign on me reading, All You Can Eat Buffet. When Noah was told to take two of each living creature on the arc, are we sure that mosquitoes were on the list? I need more Citronella candles asap.

Another pain pill in my body for the night and I’m ready to just do nothing.

Wishing you all a Happy whatever day it is, depending on where you are in the world. Take care, friends.

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12 thoughts on “My Life, This Thursday

    1. Thank you!💜 I sure hope so; I’m feeling optimistic that this will help. That’s a lot that you have on your plate and I can imagine how draining it is on you. You and your family are in my prayers. Xo

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  1. Sounds like you are at one of those moments. It’s like you wait and wait for some good news. When you get the good news, you want to shout and dance.

    If I were inn your place it would only be the start of another waiting game. You on the other hand, have a strong support system, with family and friends. I don’t need to call Mrs Cleo for this prediction.

    I see a young lady singing from a mountain top, outside of Salzsburg, Austria. There is dancing with kids and flowers blooming. Wait that is “The Sound of Music”, movie. Well something like that after your procedure. Don’t look at clocks or calanders feeding the anxiety demon, it will happen when its supposed to.

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    1. Absolutely.
      I do have a strong support system that I am so thankful for. Don’t forget, you have your blog family here to support you and you are certainly in my thoughts and prayers.
      Haha! I hope that I will be dancing and singing once all is said and done. Actually, I miss the dance parties the kids and I used to have. Thanks for the reminder…I have a very bad habit of getting anxious and impatient when it comes to health stuff.
      Take care.


    1. Thank you.💛 Oh yes, doing nothing went very well. Although I did snuggle up with the big dog on the couch…that may count as something, instead of nothing. Hope you’re well.

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    1. Thank you. They certainly are. They know how to push all my buttons and drive me absolutely bonkers, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. They are my everything.

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