14 thoughts on “Yes, He Certainly Does

    1. Aside from the usual pain battle, I’m okay, thank you. How’s your day/night (I don’t know what the time difference is) so far?


      1. A work day difference between here and there. Cool – dad points earned for you, I’m sure! Good movie choice. Yesterday was the last day of school until August, so we’ll have lots of late nights and sleeping in, here.


    1. More like two kids squabbling at home all summer. I told my mom that the kids were going to move in with her for the summer…you can guess her response. They’ll make plans to stay with grandparents and friends from time to time. We may get to take a trip to California.

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    1. We usually go every summer with my in-laws. It’s not a terribly long drive, but by the time we get there and settle in, my pain level is through the roof. I’m pretty sure the kids will definitely go, and husband may go if he can get the time off work. I may stay behind this year…depending on where we are at with the spinal cord stimulation. Still waiting for insurance to approve the trial.
      Activity clubs are pricey here, too. I can’t say I blame your son…totally understand the social anxiety of something like that. Since your summer break is only 6 weeks, do you get more long breaks throughout the rest of the year?

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    1. That is similar to ours, except we don’t get the long Easter break or the one in February. Sometimes I wish our breaks were set up more like yours.
      Thank you, it would be very nice indeed. Once there, I’m never in a hurry to get back home. I hope today has treated you well.

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