I’m a Party Animal

Okay, no. That was a lie. My grandma has a better social life than I do, no joke. Normally, my Saturday involves staying in my pajamas and drinking coffee all day, but today I went to a party.

Actually, it was an end of the year party for the 6th graders, that my son was invited to. His friend planned this fun shindig, and his mom, being a friend I made last year, invited me to stay. It was a last minute party, so I didn’t hear about it until Thursday. I don’t do well with last minute things, but being they are friends, it was much easier to accept the invitation. I brought a friend with me though…anxiety. Oh boy, is she fun. The three of us, my son, anxiety and I, walked through the house to the backyard. There must have been fifty kids, half of whom were taller than me. A few other moms were there as well, but I did not know them. Anxiety kept telling me to bolt for the car, but I slapped her and told her we’re doing this. I tried to make myself useful and help put out the snacks. I made chit-chat with the other moms, who were actually very nice. At times I did find myself sitting or standing alone, not sure if I should flee, but I stayed and actually had a really nice time. My back was killing me by the end, but it felt good to get out and socialize, rather than sit like a lump at home. Better yet, my son had a great time!

Anxiety might be an unwanted tag along, but I’m slowly learning to show her who’s boss. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to put on my pajamas and have some coffee. 😊

With love,


10 thoughts on “I’m a Party Animal

  1. I am so pleased you went and did a bit of socialising. I so understand what you mean about anxiety which is our shadow. It feels like a constant battle but you can overcome it sometimes. The danger is the more time you spend isolated from the outside world the harder it becomes to actually communicate when you do get the chance. These days I must sound so wooden when I talk to someone. Enjoy your coffee.

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    1. I agree, the more isolated you become, the more difficult it is to interact with the rest of the world. I hope you will have many opportunities to get out and socialize…when you are ready, of course. I am sure others would be delighted to be in your company and have a conversation with you.
      The coffee was delicious, by the way. Thanks ☺

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  2. Great news for you Jo! I hope you continue to get out more, even if you need to take your friend along. As you found out, your friend becomes a bit of a wallfower when you step out and enjoy life. May God continue to bring more opportunities for you to be a “party animal.”

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    1. ☺ Thank you so much! I really feel like God placed these particular friends in our lives at just the right time. I know He will continue to provide opportunities; I just need to pay attention and trust Him when he presents them to me.
      I hope you are doing well! God bless you and your family!

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