Doctor Visits

Hi, everyone! How was your week?

I had my appointment with the family doctor on Tuesday. The whole reason I went was because the physician assistant (who is amazing) at the pain clinic, suggested I see about getting some blood work done. I had mentioned to her that I’ve been having night sweats and dizzy spells. I hadn’t told her about the easy bruising, itching, nausea and more than usual fatigue. My family doctor seems to think it may be a hormone thing. He ordered the usual tests, some to check hormone levels, and a 24 hour urine collection (so much fun 😒). He also ordered a bone density scan, as my last one was four years ago, and showed I had osteopenia. Hopefully that has improved or at least stayed the same.

The next day, I went for blood work. The waiting room was packed and the wait was a little over an hour long. Normally, this would cause my anxiety to go through the roof, but that day I stayed calm, even if I kept my head down most of the time. If I didn’t see the other people, they didn’t see me, right? I heard a few people grumbling about the wait time, and while I wasn’t thrilled about the wait, I needed to get this done. So I used my time to catch up on posts and delete old emails. The following morning, I went for my bone density scan. It’s generally quick and painless, but the way I had to keep my legs and feet caused such pain in my back and hips. I waddled out feeling like my back, legs and hips were going to shatter.

Now, I just need to schedule a follow up with the family doctor, to go over results. If I haven’t already mentioned, I am not a patient person when it comes to getting results of any kind back. I can even view the lab results on my own through the lab’s app, but they are not available for my view until Wednesday. This is driving me crazy. Of course it would be a good thing if all my labs come back “normal”, but there’s a part of me that hopes they don’t. Sounds weird, right? If everything comes back normal, then I’m still stuck with these symptoms and no reason as to why, or a solution.

Back to the nerve stimulation that I mentioned previously. I have my one time visit with the psychiatrist scheduled for May 8th, and then the follow up with the pain clinic physician assistant, two days later. I’m assuming and hoping that at that point, we will schedule the trial.

I wish you all a wonderful week!

With love,


17 thoughts on “Doctor Visits

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot 💜. How are things for you two? I feel so bad that you have to fight so hard with the school system. How do breaks work in the schools there? Only 22 days left here until the end of the school year…I don’t know who’s more anxious, me or the kids haha. Sending big hugs.


    1. I’m sorry for my slow response. I’ve been in so much pain these last couple of days, I think I might just lose my mind. Thank you for checking in on me. I hope you are doing well this weekend. xx


    1. Thank you, dear💜. So far all blood work has come back okay. The oh so fun 24 hr urine collection couldn’t be completed. I’m waiting to see if the doctor wants me to retest. My bone density still shows osteopenia. Thank God I haven’t hit osteoporosis.

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