Happy Easter and an Update

My dear friends, Happy Easter!

I know I’ve been pretty absent on here this month; I’m sorry. My mind has been all over the place and pain levels have been topping the scale. I’m mad at myself for letting my blog slide to the back burner, and more mad that I haven’t been keeping up with everyone else’s posts. I feel like I’m just playing this giant game of catch-up in life. With everything, I just want to get to the point where things are done routinely…but I’ll never get there until I win this game of catch-up. Some days it seems impossible. Some days I try very hard to accomplish everything I’ve slacked on, and then I spend several days letting it all slide again while my mind and body recover.

Speaking of pain, I met with the physician assistant at my pain clinic last week. I opted not to refill my Hydrocodone prescription (probably a stupid idea), but it doesn’t really do much for the pain. It just kind of puts me in a mild temporary high that allows me to forget the level of pain I’m at. We’ve decided to move forward with the nerve stimulation trial. They require a one time visit with a psychiatrist before proceeding, so I’m just waiting for that call. If the trial offers a great deal of pain relief, I’ll meet with my spine surgeon to discuss the permanent implant. I’ll keep you all posted as I go through this process. I have some other health concerns that I’m going to address with my family doctor this week. Something in my body just doesn’t feel right and it makes me a bit nervous. Who knows, maybe it’s just more of fibromyalgia’s surprise symptoms, but better safe than sorry.

I guess that’s all for now. I hope that you all are doing well and had a lovely weekend. Xo

With love,


11 thoughts on “Happy Easter and an Update

    1. Thank you very much. Hopefully once I talk to the family doctor, I can at least relax a bit. Sending hugs to you as well. I hope you and your son are doing okay. xx

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  1. Happy Easter! Jo, I am not kidding, I literally said to my hubby right before I read your post that I felt like I was constantly playing catch-up! I have been dealing with additional stuff, beside that little monster we call fibro as well! I think we have to just get to a place where we decide, we don’t play catch-up… we just do our best to be present when we can. Blog when we can, read other blogs when we can, do what the doctor says -when we can😉. You know where I’m going with all this! The nerve stimulator sounds promising. My fingers are crossed for you! Best of luck and do keep us informed. 💜

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    1. Kim! You’re back…hooray!!
      I’m so sorry you’re going through additional things too. I hope that all is okay and that things at least settle down to the “normal chaos” for you soon. I like the idea of just being present, but knowing how damn stubborn I am, I will likely continue to play this game. I need to work on this.
      Thank you for your support as always! Happy to see you on here again!💜

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