Gift of Love

I was walking down the windy path

With my head hung low

When something stopped me

In my tracks

That wasn’t there before

In front of me stood

A magnificent tree

Long sturdy branches

But not a single leaf

This beautiful bit of nature

Not another looked the same

Something so comfortable

It seemed to call my name

I had been feeling so down

So lost and alone

Perhaps I’d sit beneath this tree

Before heading home

Not feeling much like speaking

To anyone before

From my heart to my lips

The words did then pour

I asked if He could hear me

And then began to cry

Suddenly something glistened

Catching the attention of my eye

As I peered upward

Beautiful green

I did see

Was my prayer heard

Represented by this leaf

Fascinated and filled with hope

In disbelief walked away

I would return again

To rest my soul and pray

Every time I spoke my heart

For only Him to hear

On those heart shaped branches

A lovely new leaf would appear

This was a gift of love

When I needed it the most

His presence He did make

In nature’s lovely host

Thank you for reading.

With love,


12 thoughts on “Gift of Love

    1. I pray the day comes soon for you two, that you feel like you are living life and not simply existing in it. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you both. Sending hugs your way.
      As for me, pain levels and stress have been high lately, and I’m fed up with it all, but I will continue to fight. Thank you for asking. ♡


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