Some Friday Randomness

If I had a quarter for every time the kiddos fought, a dime for every time one of them got hurt after I told them not to do something, and a nickel for every eye roll I’ve seen them do….I’d be stinkin’ rich!

It’s warm out today. Like, shorts and t-shirt warm, but I’m still dressed for winter because, 1. I’m a wimp, 2. The sun reflecting off my pasty skin may blind passers-by. I don’t think my insurance covers that.

The best time to enjoy a big bowl of cereal is not at breakfast, but between the hours of 10pm and midnight. Or is this just me?

I’ve been working on some sewing projects since I finished the quilt. I am going to join my mom and mother in-law in a craft sale at the end of the month. My problem is, I keep giving away the things I make. I like making things and I like giving presents. It makes me happy.

My anxiety has been up, especially when I hear all the birds talking. Their chatter tells me that spring is coming. I don’t know why this time of year makes me feel this way. 😕

My car broke down on Friday in the school parking lot. Just before the tow truck driver was about to load it up, he got it running and told me to have the battery checked. On Saturday, I had the battery replaced and she ran beautifully…until Tuesday. On Tuesday, she broke down again, thankfully in a parking lot once again. It was right before I was to get the kids from school. My husband attempted to get them in his car, but it wouldn’t start either. I called a friend and without hesitation, she picked up both kids, let them play at her house and then brought them home along with a home cooked, delicious meal. She’s some sort of wonder woman, I tell ya! My hubby replaced the alternator and did an oil change on my car and she’s happy again…hopefully for a long time.

The kids made friends with the neighbor boy. He’s 4 years younger than our youngest, but they enjoy each other’s company. Our son thinks this little boy has a crush on our daughter. I said, “As her big brother, how does this make you feel?”. He responded with a fist into his open palm and then smiled, saying “just kidding”. He does feel like it’s too big of an age gap though, ha!

All images from Pixabay (except the one of my poor car on the tow truck🙁).

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you all have a Fantastic, Fabulous, Fun Friday! 😊

With love,


14 thoughts on “Some Friday Randomness

  1. Did your husband get His car started?
    That’s funny about the age gap, especially because when you’re an adult, that doesn’t matter anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He didn’t. We’re pretty sure the fuel pump needs replaced, but not in a huge hurry to go through all that. Luckily, he just bought a motorcycle, and will use that for daily transportation.
      Lol right?! It’s adorable how well these two get along.


    1. Haha!
      Sometimes they start fighting as soon as I pick them up from school. I’m like “really, you guys have been apart all day and not even five minutes together, you want to argue?!”. Those are the days where bed time can’t come soon enough.

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    1. That’s true. I’ve always gravitated towards people older than myself.
      Thanks, she’s a happy car now (if I didn’t just jinx it lol). I’m just thankful it was in a parking lot both times and not in a dangerous place.

      Liked by 1 person

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