Depression is a Bad Friend

My ol’ buddy depression decided to cling like a leach the last few days. I finally got it out of my head and shoved into a closet today. That is where it’ll stay until it breaks free.

During that time is probably when I needed to write most, but instead I spent a lot of time sleeping. I hid in my shell, not wanting much communication and craving it at the same time. I tried to get on WordPress some, to at least keep up with everyone’s posts, but my mind and heart weren’t in it. You all write such amazing posts and I felt I wasn’t absorbing the words I was seeing. I’m still trying to catch up on what I missed.

I wanted to write something more interesting, but my ol’ pal is banging on the closet door and it’s distracting. So instead, I’ll leave you with a couple of songs that help me drown out depression’s ruckus. Take care, everyone.

With love,


15 thoughts on “Depression is a Bad Friend

  1. maybe this will make you smile… I should be depressed right now. Today I found out I lost my food and cash benefits, and I haven’t worked since 2015. Instead I find myself grinning. My cell and internet will be turned off in 3 days, I have no transportation or housing and I might have $6 in change.

    I’m grinning because I was foolish enough to think that I might finally get some benefits since the government shutdown. I can’t tell you to just think of something happy because I know depression doesn’t work like that. What I can tell you is when your not posting, we miss you.

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    1. Thank you. ♡
      I’m so sorry you are going through so much of a struggle right now. Praying that things turn around for you quickly. I was looking for work from home opportunities for myself the other day (2015 was the last I worked also), and you came to mind. I was wondering if you had found anything since your post asking for ideas. Take care of yourself. Wishing you all the best.

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  2. Sweetie, do YOU. Your body wants to rest, let it. I know it’s chronic for you and I believe I mentioned your medications before; whether it needs to changed. If you’re on one, sometimes adding a benzo helps.

    B12 and complex B vitamins give energy as you I’m sure know.

    I did a post on seasonal depression tips, maybe they will help.

    What I do know is that you shouldn’t be having these many down days unless you are not getting the right medications. Chronic back pain leads one to depressive moods and adrenal fatigue. I only take a pain killer and benzo, no antidepressants. Sometimes, they actually make people more depressed. Never worked for me because somehow my brain receptors know it’s my back pain causing the emotions.

    Enormous hugs to you my dear. Sometimes, social media breaks are necessary. I did absolutely love the way you wrote about it…putting in closet..truly hilarious. Maybe start writing a book….you got this babe!

    Self care yourself to your happiness. 😁💛 Emma

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    1. Emma, thank you so much!!
      I do think my medication needs adjusting, I just need to find a psych doctor to see. Right now it’s being managed by my pain specialist and she can only control it from a pain perspective. I did one of those tests many years ago, that tests adrenal function and was told I have “adrenal burnout”. May be time for another evaluation. Thanks for sharing your tips with me. I hope pain is treating you kind today.
      I’m glad you liked the humor 😊.
      Thanks again! Xoxo ♡

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  3. Please take care of yourself. I understand how you sometimes want to retreat to that dark place because I have a loved one who goes there as well. It takes courage to write as you did. May God bless you today!

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    1. And you do the same. I’m sorry he’s been knocking on your door as well. Posting something helps me too, but I have to force myself to do so when he’s around. Hang in there.

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