Have You Seen my Brain?

I think my brain may have gone on vacation and left me behind.

I have been putting leftovers that should be refrigerated into the pantry. I have gotten out of my car to go in the store, forgetting to turn off the the engine and take my keys. I search for things that are right in front of me. I completely space names that I know.

Then there’s forgetting the answer to a question in thirty seconds.Here’s a cheesy little something I wrote a while back, to demonstrate:

I’m going to the kitchen
Would you like something to drink Yes please, lemonade
Make it pink
Ok, here’s your sandwich
Do you want it in half
Wait what sandwich
I only wanted a drink
Darn I’ve already put the knife in the sink
What did you say you wanted for snack
And would you like milk
Or juice with that
No thank you mommy
I only wanted a drink
Only lemonade please
Make it pink

Should you happen to spot my brain roaming around, doing some sightseeing or something, kindly ask it to return home please. I could really use it’s company. Thanks in advance!

With love,


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