Cleaning and Fireworks

2019 is just under three hours away and I’ve spent roughly the last 45 minutes cleaning house. Why? Not because we’re having company over or anything like that. I just feel like I want to start the new year without the added stress of house work. A clean slate if you will. I’m going to try and be more organized in 2019, though I’m not labeling this a resolution, because I tend to break those every year.

Tonight, we will spend a quiet evening just the four of us and our dogs. Well, maybe not the quiet part, as the fireworks have been off and on for hours despite the rain. Our lab/retriever can’t stand them and insists on growling or barking at every one of them. Maybe one day she’ll figure out that it doesn’t do any good. Then again, she still hasn’t figured out that biting my vacuum cleaner doesn’t make it turn off. Oh well, she’s a good girl and we love her. As for the little pup, he’s a Maltese mix and will probably hide under a bed or table; everything scares him, poor thing. I can’t say I don’t feel the same at times, but I don’t fit in either of those places.

Growling at the back door

Well the fireworks seem to be getting louder, so off I go to explain them to my dog like she knows what I’m talking about.

Have an awesome and safe night/day, everyone! 🎉💖

How are you bringing in the New Year?

With love,


7 thoughts on “Cleaning and Fireworks

  1. Happy 2019! I spent New Year’s Eve quietly, after volunteering at a Homeless kitchen. It was a tad too cold and snowy to go downtown and stand waiting for a cowboy boot to drop, at midnight. I had Chinese seafood on New Year’s Day, as many restaurants here have found it lucrative to be open on January 1. The week has been quiet, but restorative, in many ways.

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    1. Thank you! And to you as well! That’s wonderful that you volunteer. I much prefer to watch whatever is going to drop at midnight from the warm comfort of home and in my pjs lol. The Chinese food sounds good..except the seafood part…nooo thanks! I’m glad to hear you had a good first week. I hope the rest of 2019 brings you much happiness. ☺

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