A Time to Give Back

Stephen, a fellow blogger and psychotherapist is doing just that, this Christmas season. He is offering free support for those who need it. What a kind and beautiful thing to do! You can find his information here :


With love,


10 thoughts on “A Time to Give Back

  1. That’s wonderful but don’t forget us. You, myself and all the bloggers giving of themselves through inspiration.

    As an empowerment coach, I have been giving for 2+ decades and have worked hard to have published my empowerment books. To write books that heal others is a great feat but God’s purpose will be done.

    So cheers to all of us giving daily 😁😁❤✌

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    1. Emma, absolutely! So many people give in so many ways and it’s amazing, your inspiration and books included (which I hope to order sometime in the near future)! ☺
      I know that for many people who are in need of support, knowing where to begin is a challenge. Also, many people don’t seek the help they need due to financial/insurance situation. I really wanted to help make people aware that if they need support this season, there is someone who is offering their services free for a time.
      Thank you to all who give in any shape or form every day!
      Love, J

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      1. Yes, I know there’s so many people without insurance and the means to get the help they need. I know God makes provisions and I think it’s wonderful for people to give in any aspect. I know a smile goes a long way. I also have found appreciative people who are genuinely happy when I read their posts and provide feedback, assistance. There’s only so much time and I hate when my internet reception is slow and can’t read the posts.

        Big hug, keep shining. 😁💛

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