My Happy Heart

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this blogging community! I’ve only been here a short time and the amount of love and support blows my mind!

Have you ever found yourself conversing in a small group only to have someone start talking over you? I have. So many times that I honestly started to believe that perhaps what I was saying was not worth listening to, maybe I was not worth listening to. Maybe I was not wanted in that group. This happens enough and you begin to put up a wall, one little brick of silence at a time.

I had thought about blogging for years, but about what? ‘Ah ha! Something personal. But why would anyone care what I have to say?’ Then one day I decided to be brave and try anyway, armed with low expectations. Oh boy was I wrong! You all have been AMAZING! You’ve been so kind and supportive, and have made me feel like maybe what I have to say (write) is worth something. I can’t thank you enough!

What I really love though, is getting on here every day to see what wisdom, adventures, experience, talents you all have to share. This has most definitely become my new ‘social media’. So much more enjoyable than scrolling through endless posts of filtered selfies.

With love,


19 thoughts on “My Happy Heart

  1. Hi J, I’m glad you’re finding support here. It’s a strange old world, and yes, it’s very easy to feel unheard and dismissed in it. Hope you’re having a low-pain day too. Take care, Stephen

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  2. I want to thank all of you for your kind comments. As J’s mom, it’s difficult not to be able to “fix” her pain, anxiety, depression, hurts, etc. It’s supposed to be my #1 job – or so I always thought. But I’ve learned that God’s got this and I’m here to support, pray for and love her for who she is. And she is one amazing woman! So, special prayers and thoughts for each of you as well! Love, J’s mom

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    1. This woman right here, everyone, is one of the reasons I have made it to this point in my life! She has been my rock and best friend from day one. This just goes to show that we never stop worrying about, caring for and loving our children, no matter how old they get. Oh, and that you never stop needing your mom!
      Mom, I love you always!! Thank you!!

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  3. I have found an awesome amount of support here! Thankfully you’re finding the same. And congratulations on crossing this milestone, but I’m sure that’s just the small joy you’re finding compared to the wonderful people here. 🙂

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  4. J, my granddaughter,you’ve always been an old soul in young body from toddler. You set your limits and dreams, go for it, sky’s the limit, just like this blog. While you help yourself your helping others. Love you

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