My Daughter

Yesterday, my sweet little girl turned eight years old, and unfortunately spent her birthday being sick. I’d like to take a minute, if I may, to tell you about this amazing little person I love and admire.

She really has the biggest heart and an old soul. She had to miss celebrating her birthday with her class, we had to cancel her party with family, and she ended up having to go to urgent care. Yes, she cried some, but it didn’t last long. We tried our best to still make her birthday a good one. We decorated the house, took her to Build A Bear Workshop, and then had pizza. The cake was a surprise at almost midnight after our visit to the urgent care. Guess what? She said she had an ‘amazing’ birthday. Could it have been better? I certainly think so, but this little girl is always trying to find the positive in situations, and is always so appreciative of even the smallest of gestures. This is the little girl who at the age of seven, was telling us all about a growth vs fixed mindset.

She has a deep relationship with God, and the way she prays at times absolutely amazes me. When I was pregnant with her, I was in and out of the hospital from 29 1/2 weeks until they delivered her at 37 weeks. It was a struggle to keep her from making her entrance too soon. I can’t help but to think that this has something to do with her strong faith.

This little girl doesn’t care what other people think. If she wants to pretend she’s a bird in the middle of a crowd, she spreads her wings and soars. If she hears a beat, better believe she’ll bust a move wherever she is.

She amazes me every day. She is one of my reasons for pushing through my struggles. I don’t know what I did to deserve her and her love, but I thank God every day for choosing me to be her mother.

Thanks for allowing me to brag a little.😉

With love,


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