My (hopefully last) Spine Surgery

I woke up Monday morning at 3:30 and was checked in to the hospital by just after 5am. Surgery (SI fusion) was scheduled for 7:30am. This is hopefully the last surgery I will ever need. With this one done, I now have a total of seven screws in my body…two in the left si joint, two in the right, and three at L5-S1. I’m curious to see how my next trip through airport security goes!

Over the weekend I had come down with a bad sinus infection and was prescribed an antibiotic by the urgent care doc. Everything should have been okay to proceed but I called the on call doctor Saturday just to be sure. She said everything should be fine but would let me know if my surgeon said otherwise. Fast forward to Monday morning and I find out the on call physician had relayed the wrong message and told my surgeon I was sick with the flu and was cancelling surgery! We got it all straightened out, but I was going to be pushed back two hours to the second surgery of the day. Not that big of a deal except I was now starving and slightly cranky from a lack of coffee and lack of sleep.


I woke up (very slowly) in recovery and I remember the nurse asking me about my pain. The plan was to go home that day, but she encouraged me to spend the night in the hospital because of my pain level. I did stay and I’m happy I did. From noon Monday until 5am on Tuesday, my blood pressure was running really low. Nothing bad came from that but I was happy to be where it could be properly monitored, just in case.

Post-op next morning

I was discharged from the hospital Tuesday morning around 9:30, with my new walker and apparently a new body. I’m not sure why, but my whole body is so puffy, I feel like a marshmallow. I’m 10 pounds heavier than when I checked in to the hospital. I like the new weight as I was underweight before, but I’m thinking maybe this isn’t normal. Probably best to call the nurse.

Anyway, this was my two day adventure. Today is Halloween and I will be going trick-or-treating with my family tonight. Since I’ll need to be pushed in a transport chair, I’m going to be the zombie patient and my family will be my zombie doctors and nurse. If you celebrate Halloween, will you be dressing up, or hiding in the house with the lights off, indulging in a bucket of candy?

With love, J♡

6 thoughts on “My (hopefully last) Spine Surgery

    1. Hi Stephen. Thank you! Recovery from the surgery itself has been pretty smooth. Unfortunately, I’m still dealing with intense pain in my back, through no fault of my awesome surgeon. I’m starting to think my body is just one of the stubborn ones and that I may be stuck with the pain.

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      1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that J. That has to have a big impact on your mood and energy levels (sleep too I’d expect). All of those affect our mood very strongly so please be cautious with any additional diagnosis that don’t take these factors into account. Hope you don’t mind me saying this. I just know how easy it is to get potentially unhelpful labels slapped on us that may take us down the wrong road. Take care

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      2. Thank you Stephen. No, I don’t mind at all; I appreciate the advice. It definitely does have a major impact on energy and sleep, and though I try really hard not to allow it to affect my mood, I know that it does on some level. I hope that you are well today.

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