A Poem About Depression

*Possible trigger warning* This something I wrote a while back on a not so good day.

The Cycle

This viscous cycle, it goes ’round and ’round

You can feel real high, then come crashing down

When you hit the bottom, you feel empty inside

Or you’re filled with emotions, but all you can do is cry

If you could, you’d run away from yourself

You’re dying inside, but can’t scream for help

You feel alone, though you’re surrounded

People look and they listen, completely dumbfounded

Others don’t understand what it is you’re going through

Then again, how could they, ’cause neither do you

You have to keep moving, better glue on that smile

Tell people you’re fine and hope you can lie for a while

You fake it long enough, that it starts to feel real

You’re flying high again, until the next ordeal

Sending hugs to those who need it – J♡

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